A sword carried by the guards of Venetian doges during the 17th century. Later also used outside Italy. The schiavona is a weapon of a unigue shape.

The most characteristic part of a schiavona is a baskethilt forming a cone fully protecting the hand. The lower bars of this basket are wavy twisted at the hilt similar to the schiavona protection from the 15th century. The hilt head, mostly made of brass has the shape of cat head with a central oval target on both sides. The straight blades of 800 - 850 mm long had in most cases two cutting edges.These blades originated from Italy, Germany and Spain.

Swords of schiavona type accompanied Venetian units up until the middle of the 18 century to commemorate the time when Venice was a great world power with formidable military and naval strength. This sword disappeared at the same time as their independence at the end of 18 century.